If you are in the Perth (Western Australia) metro area and have a few friends who are interested in learning Feng Shui, please drop me a line!

I am happy to offer a ‘Special Workshop for You and Your Friends’. A few workshop options are available, and you will be able to ask me whatever Feng Shui questions you have.

Please contact me: info@fengshuiwisdom.com.au 




Love, love, love the 2 workshops I’ve done with Loreta. Her clear, concise and practical explanations are so easy to understand and apply. –Joan

Always informative, I learn something new at every workshop. Loreta shares her knowledge with passion and enthusiasm – freely helping you get the best out of all her workshops. –Sirpa

Loreta presents and explains Feng Shui schools in an easy to understand way with booklets to take home which help you understand and refer to daily. Feng Shui has definitely improved our lives and has especially helped to protect us during Covid 19! –Denise

Loreta is very knowledgeable & passionate about how energy works & influences all aspects our lives. Very information & practical. –Max

Love Loreta’s Feng Shui workshops, excellent information on the day and to take home, very helpful and highly recommend if you want change. –Edwina

Your explanation is always very clear and easy to understand. I love all of your classes and I put into practise as soon as I come home. –Jenny

Loreta is amazing teaching us Feng Shui, I totally love it & believe it makes a big difference to our lives. Wonder where I would be if I didn’t have this in my life. –Sue

Really enjoy Loreta’s workshops as they are really informative and enable you to Feng Shui your home straight away. –Kim

Thank you for the hard work you put into the workshops, they are so interesting and informative. – Carole

Best Feng Shui workshop I’ve ever attended! Very well presented which makes it easier to understand. I’ll definitely be back for more!! -Lisa

Loreta has a wonderful way of explaining a subject which can be very confusing. Takes you through the subject methodically to help you understand and get it more quickly. -Denise

Loreta is a great teacher and gives you lots of information and she explains things really well. Always a pleasure going to her seminars and listening to her speak. I highly recommend you try one, you’ll be hooked.Therese

Loreta really breaks down the things so it is easy to understand & incorporate into your own home. —-Carole

Loreta is a great teacher – very clear and explains the subjects in layman’s terms. -Susana

Thank you for an informative, organised and well presented workshop. I enjoyed everything about it and recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more Feng Shui. –Edwina

Very easy format to learn and understand. Information is presented in a simple and clear way to understand and follow. The course was in a perfect time frame. Many thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge. –Anne

Very informative, clear speaker and takes time to make sure you understand each segment. -Elizabeth

Another great workshop!! So well presented and the booklets are so informative. –Lisa

Love your seminars Loreta, they are so informative and full of great advice. Enjoyable to listen to. Makes you want to go home and reorganise everything. –Therese

Brilliant – puts the science it what you feel and sense in a room. –Leah

Very enjoyable and the learning of directions, colours and symbolic products. –Gabriella

Loreta is very knowledgeable and easy to understand. The very user-friendly workbook she gave us is a great reference. –Terri

Thank you Loreta – everything is explained in an easy to understand way and you never hesitate in answering any/all questions. –Barbara

My best friend and I always have such a great time coming to your courses. We do them every year and always learn something new. –Bec

Most enjoyable workshop. Brings so much hope to everyday living. -Moya

After Flying Stars class I applied right away in my bedroom, & since that day until now my relationship with my spouse is almost perfect. –Jenny

Loreta is a great presenter. She is full of energy and always has time for all questions which are answered in depth with her great wealth of knowledge. –Susan

I get excited about what I’ve learnt. I look forward to seeing the changes in my life after I’ve implemented Compass School. Thanks Loreta for your wisdom! –Tammy

A great workshop that provided some important keys, as changes are happening for improvements in life. Life was good, getting better. How awesome! –Dian

Thank you for making it very easy to understand. Your products are amazing as well. Look forward to coming to your next session. –Marie

I am moving to a new house and I am very pleased to have done this workshop, it comes at a very good  time for me!! -Blue

Very clear explanations and very good Q & A. –Elizabeth

Loreta is always helpful even outside her workshops which is very much appreciated. –Mary

I am grateful for all the handouts that [give] concise information. –Corina

It’s well worth coming along and finding out from Loreta. –Donna

These workshops are very informative & easy to understand & follow all the tips. –Cathy

This was so much fun and information thank you. –Helena

Thank you for doing these workshops and for your continuous support with my Feng Shui requirements. –Blue

Great teacher with lots of patience. –Elizabeth

I learnt so much! Thank you! –Kate

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