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It’s coming… 2022 Year of the TIGER & Feng Shui!


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Just like you have your own birth chart, which reveals information about you personally, the world has its own birth chart also each year. This is how worldly yearly predictions are made.

Everything in the Universe fits into a Feng Shui classification and is known as an ‘element’. There are five elements: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. The elements interact with each other via three cycles, and the interaction is either productive, exhausting or destructive – in other words the interaction is either favourable or unfavourable.

Working out the yearly predictions is done via a detailed process relating to which five elements are present in the world’s birth chart, their meanings, and how the five elements interact with each other.


2021 is a year whereby a reboot is required. The Ox is the most-hardest working of all the animals. It will be a year which requires you to stay ahead for results to show, but it is also a year of golden opportunities! Hard work will pay off by unwavering dedication – steadfastness and discipline are called for and you can achieve what you desire!

Lots of goodness coming in… 

  • The energies for work and play are balanced – both can be achieved.
  • There is lots of relationship luck, friendship luck, and creativity forecast, and to bring a good beginning and a good ending to the year.
  • There is a powerful star of opportunities for those that keep their passion in focus. Determination and hard work will be rewarded. The more ambitious you are, the more rewards you will reap.

Not so good…

  • This year’s clash brings with it Earth disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, building collapses, etc, as well as car accidents.
  • On an emotional level there will be things to do that we do not like doing – burdens and obstacles arising.
  • On a health level, major weaknesses from last year will continue, brought about by breathing organs – lungs and nose – flu and viral infections will be prevalent.


    Me & Lillian with certificate


    Originating more than 4,000 years ago in China, Feng Shui is an in-depth study in balancing energy in your living and work environments to bring about health, wealth and happiness. It helps us to live in peace and harmony.

    There are a few main Schools of Feng Shui and this is why it can often be overwhelming and perhaps difficult to understand. The main schools comprise of Form School, Compass School, Kua Directions, Flying Stars, plus Chinese Astrology. Some of the schools have multiple names and often Masters refer to them differently. They are, however, the same practice when looking at ‘traditional’ teachings of Feng Shui, and together they offer you a complete Feng Shui overview.

    You can help balance and enhance your home and working environments with correct layout, furniture placement, décor colourings, materials, and Feng Shui products. Browse the ‘Shop’ section on this website to learn how easy it is to evoke health, wealth and happiness with the placement of Feng Shui symbolisation.

    Loreta Cilfone services Feng Shui Perth, Western Australia. She has studied in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with world-renowned Grand Master Lillian Too.

    Loreta makes Feng Shui enjoyable and easy to understand! She conducts Feng Shui home party presentations, whereby you and your guests can put immediately in to practice what you learn. Click on ‘Feng Shui Home Party’ under ‘Services’ on this website to read about hosting a Feng Shu home party.

    Loreta also conducts workshops, and Chinese Astrology Birth Chart Readings – there is much that your date of birth reveals! Click on ‘Chinese Astrology Readings’ under ‘Services’ on this website to read what Loreta offers in her readings. Subscribe to her newsletter to receive news about upcoming workshops and events!

    Loreta is a Professional Member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants.





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