Chinese animals

2024 Animal Forecasts



Product Description

If you would like to know which four animals are present in your birth chart (up to four), and what their animal activity is for the year, please click to purchase ‘2024 Animals Forecast’.

Animal activity changes yearly at Chinese New Year, and the animals present in your chart reveal your opportunities and challenges for the year. The forecasts are very detailed and the animals don’t lie!

The animals’ forecast:

  • Your overall luck, and with friends and colleagues, social circle and networking
  • Your health and wealth, your cash flow
  • Your home environment and spouse
  • Your career and business, investment luck, and overall life aspirations.

You will be emailed your chart paperwork with all details – approx 4-5 pages.

If this is all you are purchasing (no products) there will be no delivery charge calculated at checkout. You will need to email me your date of birth (including time of am or pm (, and a report will be emailed to you. Note: If time of birth is unknown, I can only let you know of three animals, not all four).

Note: Yearly forecast is valid for the current year which is effective until 4th February the following year.