White Sage Smudge Stick


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Product Description

Smudging is a ritual used to purify a home, business, object or person. When negativity abounds, you can ‘feel’ the energy is not quite right. Light the Smudge Stick and it will smoulder, walk through your home waving the stick. Once home smudging is complete, you can butt out the stick in soil to re-use. It is important to note that anything second-hand – given to you or purchased, has the old owner’s energy attached to it and should be smudged. It is good to smudge your environment as often as possible. Other times you can really benefit by smudging are: 

  • After having an argument or having a confronting encounter
  • After being sick
  • After being with someone toxic
  • When you are angry or in a bad mood
  • When moving into a new house or workplace.

Burn length is approx 7cm.