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Coins – 6 on Yellow Tassel


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Product Description

6 Coins on Yellow Tassel have a dual meaning – they enhance goodness coming in and cure against evilness and negativity. You can hang them on your front door, lay them decoratively on a table at your front entrance, or place them in the South East for money luck.

They are also used to enhance Annual Flying Star numbers 6 and 8. Flying Star 6 brings heaven luck – good fortune and help from heaven, as well as power and authority, and in 2024 it is in the North East. Flying Star 8 is for Prosperity and in 2024 it is in the North.

You can also use these coins as a cure for Annual Flying Star 2 which brings Illness and in 2024 is in the South East.

The side with the four characters should be placed showing.

Colour is brass on yellow tassels. Size is approx 30cm length.

SPECIAL NOTE: You may use 6 Coins on Red Tassel to assist with all of the above also.