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Coins – 6 on Red Tassel


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Product Description

6 Coins on Red Tassel have a dual meaning – they enhance goodness coming in and cure against evilness and negativity. You can hang them on your front door, lay them decoratively on a table at your front entrance, or place them in the South East for money luck.

They are also used to enhance Annual Flying Star numbers 6 and 8. Flying Star 6 brings heaven luck – good fortune and help from heaven, as well as power and authority, and in 2024 it is in the North East. Flying Star 8 is for Prosperity and in 2024 it is in the North.

You can also use these coins as a cure for Annual Flying Star 2 which brings Illness and in 2024 is in the South East.

Colour is brass on red tassels. Size is approx 25cm length.

SPECIAL NOTE: You may use 6 Coins on Yellow Tassel to assist with all of the above also.