God of Examinations

God of Examinations & Evil Spirits Vanquisher – Zhong Kui


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Product Description

Zhong Kui has two symbolic meanings. He represents a successful outcome in scholastic examinations and endeavours; and protects from evil.

His story: He was a master protector – the vanquisher of ghosts, demons and evil beings, he was the Emperor’s right-hand man. However, while he was brilliant at his job, he did not like it! He undertook study in a bid to change his profession, and he triumphed. Hence, then also became God of Examinations. Place in the North East to enhance your learning, knowledge and education endeavours.

Due to his superb protection abilities, he is fantastic placed at your front door/entrance area (looking out of the door, and not placed on the floor).

Colour is bronze. Size is approx 10.5cm height x 8.5cm width.