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Four Celestials Hanger


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Product Description

The Four Celestial Hangers has the images of the Red Phoenix, Black Tortoise, Green Dragon and White Tiger around its edges. The celestial animals together on this hanger are used to assist with balancing land formation, to assist with supporting the energy around your home.

The Red Phoenix brings in opportunities, the Black Tortoise offers support and longevity, the Green Dragon brings prosperity, and the White Tiger offers protection.

This Four Celestials Hanger is ideally placed at your front door on the outside if possible, or at a window point near your front door, or at your back door on the inside. Alternatively, you can lay it decoratively on a table that is located near your front door or back door entrance.

Colour is as shown in picture with red tassels. Length is approx 33cm, and width approx 5.5cm.