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There is much that your date of birth reveals about your life!

Did you know…? While you are predominantly one animal sign, there are up to four animals that make you up based on your time, day, month and year of birth.

While the information your date of birth reveals about your life never changes, what does change, is what the animals are doing for the year. Animal activity changes yearly at Chinese New Year, and therefore, depending on which animals you have present in your chart, reveals your opportunities and challenges for the year ahead – and the animals don’t lie!

Order your Chinese Astrology Birth Chart Reading (also known as Four Pillars of Destiny) and based on your date of birth, (including time of am or pm), I’ll tell you:

  • Your yearly forecast – outlook for overall luck and with friends and colleagues and for networking; health and wealth, and cash flow; your home environment and spouse; and career and business, investment luck, and overall life aspirations. Note: Yearly forecast is valid for the current year which is effective until 4th February the following year.
  • Your best colours to use in business marketing to make you money
  • Your best career options to make you money
  • Your best colours to wear for support and balance
  • Your excellent and obstacle days of the week
  • Your outlook in life – your character, what qualities you possess.

PLUS your personal Kua Directions

Every person has four favourable facing directions and four unfavourable facing directions, known as Kua Directions. To achieve optimum results with sleep, health, relationships, work, meetings, or anything, you want to ensure you are facing a favourable direction for YOU at all times!

Favourable directions offer you:

  • Success and prosperity
  • Good health – strengthens the body and mind
  • Love and relationships
  • Personal growth – pursuing knowledge and wisdom

Unfavourable directions represent:

  • General bad luck – mishaps, setbacks and disappointments
  • Harmful people in your life – gossip and plotting against you
  • Misfortune in your life – accidents, wealth, illness
  • Total loss in your life – bankruptcy, long term illness, injury and disaster

I’ll also tell you how to design your business card (and other marketing) for success!

You will be emailed your chart paperwork with all details – approx 6-8 pages.

If all you are ordering is a reading (no products) there will be no delivery cost calculated at checkout. I will need to know your date of birth including time of am or pm – please email me these details: Note: If time of birth is unknown, I can only tell you of three animals present, not all four.